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Let’s consider on two different levels how this method works. There is no distinction between the two columns which are both under the heading “Letters”. The rules for casting the dice are different to the Letter Pair Method. The “padding” rules for words that you can freely add in your story are the same as for writing a story in the Letter Pair method above. The dice have already given the password its randomness and providing we follow the rules and stay within the constraints set by the dice outcomes, nothing we can do as a way of remembering it can compromise that. The strength of the password depends on the randomness of your number generation and it is very important that you use a mechanical method such as dice. If you increase the length of a binary number by one bit, then you double the the number of possible values it can represent. So start by casting the dice, ignoring any double as described before, and write down the result on the top line of your paper, followed by a semicolon, for example “23;”.

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Take a piece of lined paper, a pen and a pair of good dice that will give true random results. If you are thinking of choosing the route to try to make it fit the particular dice outcomes you have, you are unlikely to find that it helps, unless your password is very short. An example of this is a WPA2 PSK WiFi connection where an attacker can receive by radio the initial “handshake” packets which are broadcast during the establishment of a secure connection. The methods of this article are based on the principle of defeating an attack on your password by making sure that the search space facing an attacker is large enough. I like to think that pilgrims are coming to Cambridge’s more modest Round Church to avail themselves of its roundness by polishing the floor with their knees in perpetual circles. The ones that contribute to the word list are nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. If the word starts with a more than one consonant then the second letter in the abbreviation is the next letter in the word that is either a vowel or ‘y’.

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Now dividing 22516 by 8 x 109 and assuming a year to be 60x60x24x7x52 seconds, we can calculate that to cover the entire search space at 8 billion hashes per second would take around 171,480,671,961,642,276,453 years. Alternatively, to restate it in terms of our “search space”, the search space of the password is at least as big as the search space of the random number. We know that the probability of finding your password cannot be higher than whatever proportion of that space the attacker is able to search. If the attacker is ignorant of this, then that can only help our defence, but we do not rely on it. What you find memorable reflects your personal experiences, knowledge and taste and within the constraints you can choose your password accordingly. In this case however, I can put both pilgrims and polishing in the same place because their relative order does not matter, since they both represent “pl”. Could the same 32-letter password withstand the combined world-wide cracking power of the bitcoin machine? After this decision you do not need to worry about strength while you compose the password for memorability.

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The fact that each password represents only one number gives the password a provable minimum strength. That means that every time the number on both dice is the same, you ignore that result and cast them again. It uses a truly random number as the basis of the password but allows creative choices to compose a personal and memorable phrase within the constraints of that number. In real life of course you should never use your random numbers for more than one password, but purely to demonstrate that it is usually possible to make a song fit whatever random numbers the dice allocate you, presented side-by-side with Suzanne is an alternative password composed from the same dice results but based on the T.S. In a partition where there is more than one pair, you have the freedom to choose which one. A portion of that lawn is not mowed, and in season there is instead a blaze of wildflowers (a contrast to King’s front lawn). Supporting association in a familiar walk through Cambridge Reaching the junction with Bridge Street, we notice pilgrims entering the Round Church. Supporting association in a familiar walk through Cambridge Further along is michaelhouse – the name of the cafe possibly connected with St Michael’s Church opposite Caius in Trinity Street.

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