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Like von Neumann and Goldstine meeting on the railroad platform at Aberdeen, or Mauchly and Eckert encountering each other in an electronics class at the Moore School, Licklider happened upon his destiny through accidental circumstances, because of the time he spent at a place called “Lincoln Laboratory,” an MIT facility for top-secret defense research, where he was a consultant during a critical transition period in the history of information processing. Data processing involved certain constraints on what could be done with computers, and constraints on how one went about doing these things.. One of Licklider’s first moves in 1962-1963 was to set up an MIT and Bolt, Beranek and Newman group in Massachusetts to help Systems Development Corporation in Santa Monica in producing a transistorized version of the SAGE-based time-sharing prototypes, which were based on the old vacuum tube technology. Licklider therefore hired a research assistant, a college dropout who was knowledgeable about computers, an exceptionally capable young fellow by the name of Ed Fredkin, who was later to become a force in artificial intelligence research – the first of many exceptionally capable young fellows who would be drawn to Licklider’s crusade to build a new kind of computer and create a new style of computing.

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Although he was still a novice in digital computer design, Licklider was familiar with vacuum tube circuitry and enough of an expert in the hybrid discipline of “human factors engineering” to recognize that the mechanical assistant he wanted would need capabilities that would be possible only with the ultrafast computers he foresaw in the near future. Assuming that survival and a tolerable quality of existence are the most fundamental needs for all sane, intelligent organisms, whether they are of the biological or technological variety, Licklider wondered if the best arrangement for both the human and the human-created symbol-processing entities on this planet might not turn out to be neither a master-slave relationship nor an uneasy truce between competitors, but a partnership. When it began to dawn on him that this relentlessly exponential rate of growth would make computers over a hundred times as powerful as the PDP-1 at one tenth the cost within fifteen years, Licklider began to think about a system that included both the electronic powers of the computer and the cortical powers of the human operator.

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And with Licklider came a new generation of designers and engineers who had their sights on something the pre-Sputnik computer orthodoxy would have dismissed as science fiction. A broad range of new capabilities that Licklider then called “interactive computing” was the ultimate goal, and the first step was an exciting new concept that came to be known as time-sharing. Licklider then started to wonder about the possibility of devising something far more revolutionary that even a computerized library. The possibility of this kind of interaction was duly noted by a few other people who turned out to be influential figures in computer history. The presentation group was where he first became acquainted with Wesley Clark, one of MIT’s foremost computer builders. It was at this meeting, Licklider recalls, that Ivan Sutherland first took the stage in a spectacular way. When he left ARPA in 1964, Licklider recommended Sutherland as the next director of the IPTO.

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But because of his association with certain military-sponsored research projects at MIT in the 1950s, there was an important difference between Licklider and the others who dreamed of converting computers into some kind of mind-amplifying tool. An experimental psychologist, even an MIT professor, is hardly in a position to set armies of computer engineers marching toward an interactive future. Then he learned that although the computer was the right kind of machine he needed to build his models, even the PDP-1 was hopelessly crude for the phenomena he wanted to study. Licklider, foreseeing the use of computers as tools to build better computers, concluded that 1960 would begin a transitional phase in which we humans would begin to build machines capable of learning to communicate with us, machines that would eventually help us to communicate more effectively, and perhaps more profoundly, with one another. Therefore the space program and the missile program both required the rapid development of very small, extremely reliable computers.

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