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The extension of the idea to more subtle cases just needs a little thought or perhaps a few hours reading my book, The Connected Family: Bridging the Digital Generation Gap. Ask a few kids: the reason most don’t like school is not that the work is too hard, but that it is utterly boring. What is worst about school curriculum is the fragmentation of knowledge into little pieces. Finally, the third strategy suggested for members of the game-designer community is to be aware of the kind of contribution their work is making to the learning environment and to shift it a little here and there, whenever they can, away from deceptive Shavian matings towards empowering children as independent learners. The language of these ads betrays the way in which this software throws away what is best about the contribution of game designers to the learning environment and replaces it with what is worst about the contribution of school curriculum designers. Another factor is that games are designed so that the learner can take charge of the process of learning, thus making it very different than school learning, where the teacher (or the curriculum designer) has made the important decisions and the “learners” are expected to do what they are told—which is no way to learn to be a good learner.

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Serious players of video games get their glory largely from being the first on the block to master the game that just came out, and this means that kids have a powerful incentive to get good at learning well and quickly. They have to. Their livelihoods depend on millions of people being prepared to undertake the serious amount of learning needed to master a complex game. Did you ever hear a game advertised as being easy? I was outraged by Seymour Papert’s irresponsible, self-serving “Soapbox” in the June 1998 issue of Game Developer. Frankly, I think that it is downright immoral to trick children into learning and doing math when they think they are just playing an innocent game. To make the situation worse (as if anything can be worse than lying to children), the deception does not achieve any purpose, since cooperative learners who know what they are doing will learn far better than children who go mindlessly through the motions of learning. These observations lead to a strategy for those who wish to contribute to improving “education.” Forget about making games to teach children multiplication or spelling or any of those old-fashioned basic skills. Many who want to control children (for example, the less imaginative members of the teaching profession or parents obsessed with kids’ grades) become green with envy when they see the energy children pour into computer games.

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It is easy to see why. It is clear enough why people do this. But if you take the time to listen, you will find that many surprisingly young people have very definite and sensible ideas on the subject. I would predict that within a decade, making a computer game will be as much a part of children’s culture as any of these art forms. But I have found that when they get the support and have access to suitable software systems, children’s enthusiasm for playing games easily gives rise to an enthusiasm for making them, and this in turn leads to more sophisticated thinking about all aspects of games, including those aspects that we are discussing here. The fact is that kids prefer things that are hard, as long as they are also interesting. Two big lessons I have learned from computer games are opposites of the messages of the ads I was quoting.

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To do this, you have to listen sensitively because most do not have a developed vocabulary for talking about how to learn. I myself have two strategies for doing this. I try to develop and disseminate vocabulary and concepts for doing so. I can imagine no better example to support this than observing how much more children learn in mastering a tough game than in the same amount of time in math class. But the idea that children should draw, write stories and play music is not contradicted by the fact that their work is not of professional quality. The second lesson is the opposite of the idea that somehow learning can be encouraged by hiding the fact that it is happening. The second of my two strategies is to encourage children to become game designers themselves. By engaging children in conversations about learning new games, I observe most directly the greater sophistication about learning that is developing among children—for example, by asking a child to help me learn. The first of my two strategies is to recognize that talking about games and learning is an important activity and to give it whatever boost I can. The really basic skill today is the skill of learning, and the best use of games is to leverage their tendency to enhance it.

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